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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

ISO 20022 Membership

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How to become a member of an ISO 20022 Registration Body

Membership of the ISO 20022 Registration Bodies - that is, the RMG, SEGs and TSG -  is open to any entity that has an interest to participate so long as that entity fulfils the criteria of membership shown below.

The outcome of an application for membership is decided by the existing RMG members based on information provided by the applicant entity conforming to the application template. A single application can be used by the applicant entity to participate in one or more of the Registration Bodies.

If the application includes RMG membership, the entity must seek the guidance regarding their application from the RMG leadership (that is, the RMG Convenor, Vice Convenor and the Registration Authority) in the preparation of their application. If the application does not include RMG membership, the entity must seek the guidance from the leadership of the Group(s) they wish to apply for membership (that is, the Convenor, Vice Convenor and Secretary of the SEG or TSG) in the preparation of their application.

Existing RMG member entities don't need to re-apply to participate in a SEG or TSG. They can just nominate their experts by e-mail to the Registration Authority at with a copy to the Secretary of the Registration Body.

The entity wishing to apply must explain in writing how it:

  1. Is structured as a representative organisation/body/community that brings together a community of users, or interested parties with a legitimate interest or track record in standardization
  2. Is governed to reinforce the representative nature of membership and decision making
  3. Has a membership, or represents a community, that is appropriate to the financial services sector scope of the ISO 20022 standard
  4. Intends to commit to actively participate in and adhere to the governance and procedures of the ISO 20022 RMG and/or other relevant groups
  5. Is constituted, where the preference is given to membership rules that are based on principles with a not for profit orientation
  6. Demonstrates that it has a domestic, regional or global focus relevant to ISO 20022.

The entity wishing to apply is also strongly encouraged to provide details to explain:

  1. Any relevant track record of engagement in, and/or implementation of, industry standards with particular emphasis on the financial services sector
  2. Whether in applying to become a member of the ISO 20022 Registration Bodies, it has the support and sponsorship of a National Standards Body or national financial community organisation, such as a National Central Bank or banking association. Or whether there are existing affiliations to ISO or other standards bodies, perhaps as a liaison organization.

Once completed, the application form must uploaded to the membership e-request form that you have to complete and submit for processing. A flow chart illustrates the application process, which is similar to the approval process of a Business Justification that is described on the Development page.

Information for new members

In this presentation you will find information about the activities of the expert groups, scope and procedures to help you understand and guide you through the ISO 20022 eco-system.

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