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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

eRequest Forms


In this section, you will find the links to the eForms and documents required to initiate a development or maintenance process

Development requests

New Message Definitions request

Development of new ISO 20022 message definitions request

SupplementaryData Extension

Request for the creation of a SupplementaryData message extension must be introduced to the ISO 20022 Registration Authority using the usual Change Request form.


The registration of a (set of) message variant(s) requires submission and approval of a specific Business Justification for Variants

Maintenance requests

Update of ISO 20022 registered Message Definitions

Select the Change Request based on the appropriate maintenance process: regular or fast-track maintenance.

Update of the External Code Sets

Addition of a new code value, clarification of an existing definition, deactivation of an existing code value.

Update of the Data Source Sheme (DSS)

Creation of a new DSS or use of an existing DSS in a new Message Component

Update of the Business Model

Update and complement the ISO 20022 Business Model independently of the message development, provided that the updates can be made without impacting the existing ISO 20022 messages.