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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

ISO 20022 Request for the update of the Data Source Scheme list

Requests for updates to the Data Source Scheme List (creation of a new DSS or use of an existing DSS in a new Message Component) must be submitted to the ISO 20022 RA, using the form below.

Please note that you should first fill in the Request for ISO 20022 Data Source Scheme (DSS) registration document as you will be asked to attach it to the submission form.

Multiple email addresses may be separated by commas. Emails are only sent to cc and bcc addresses if a To email address is provided.
Upload your change request document filled in with the required fields
One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf, zip, rar, winrar.
Enter the characters shown in the image.
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