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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

Data source scheme

Catalogue of messages

A Data Source Scheme (DSS) is a mechanism which allows an industry body to specify the use a proprietary code set that is not owned nor managed by ISO 20022, and that replaces a standard code set (either a specific ISO 20022 managed code set or another ISO standard code set, e.g. BICs or ISINs) in specific ISO 20022 Message Components, where the use of such DSS has been approved.

The DSS consists of the following parts:

  • a mandatory 'data source issuer' which identifies the institution or organiztion issuing the proprietary code set,
  • an optional 'data source scheme name' which identifies the code set in case a data source issuer issues more than one code set for the same business purpose, e.g., two code schemes for identification of parties, and
  • the actual proprietary code value.

The RA maintains the list of all ISO 20022 Data Source Schemes as well as the specific Message Components in which they can be used. The list gives the following information:

  • which ISO 20022 Message Components support which DSSs,
  • the data source issuer information: description, country of issuer,
  • the data source scheme name(s), if any.

It does not include the set of proprietary code values, which are maintained separately by the data source scheme issuers.

Data Source Scheme (DSS) List

Version: 10 January 2024

Requests for updates to the Data Source Schemes List

Creation of a new DSS or use of an existing DSS in a new Message Component must be submitted to the ISO 20022 RA using the 'Request for ISO 20022 Data Source Scheme (DSS) registration' template.

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