Trade Services Standards Evaluation Group  

Scope of the Trade Services SEG

The scope of the Trade Services SEG includes the messages supporting transactions and business processes related to the following non exhaustive list of products and services of the traditional Trade Finance business and the Financial Supply Chain management:

  • Collections
  • Documentary credits and standby letters of credits
  • Guarantees
  • Open account trading
  • Purchase orders, transport documents, etc.
  • Pre- and post-shipment financing and factoring
  • e-Invoicing / Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  • Invoice financing
  • Reconciliation (accounts payable/receivable), remittance data

The actors involved include:

  • Private and corporate customers (treasurers)
  • Financial institutions
  • Trade facilitators, e.g. ICC, insurance companies, freight forwarders, carriers, customs, factoring companies
  • Risk management entities
  • Associations providing rules and master agreements (e.g. IFSA, ICC)
  • Application providers

SEG leadership team:

Convenor: Vacant 
Vice convenor: Vacant
Secretary: Mr. David Dobbing