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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

Securities SEG Members

Member entity Company
ACTUS ACTUS Financial Research Foundation
ACTUS Tahoe Blue Ltd
ACTUS Ariadne
Australia ASX
Belgium NBB
BGC Partners   
Brazil (ABNT) BVMF
Brazil (ABNT) IPMF Global
Brazil (ABNT) B3
Brazil (ABNT) CIP (Brazilian Payment House)
Brazil  Cmsquare Investimentos
Brazil  ANBIMA 
Brook Path Partners   
Commodity Futures Trading Commission   
Clearstream Clearstream 
Denmark VP Securities Services
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation   
European Central Bank  
Finland (SFS) Euroclear
Finland (SMPG) Nordea
FIX  Fix Trading 
France (CFNOB) BNP Paribas
Germany  BVI
Germany  Deutsche Bundesbank 
Germany Deutsche Bank
Germany (SMPG) HSBC
Ireland Citigroup
Italy (UNI) Societe Generale
Italy (UNINFO) Pine3 Consulting
Japan Japan Promontory Financial Group
Japan Bank of Japan
Japan NTT Data Corporation
Japan Japan International Cooperation Agency
KOR Financial   
Netherlands ABN AMRO
Norway DNB
Norway (SMPG)  
Singapore  SGX
Singapore (SPRING) Zensung 
South Africa (SABS) ASISA
South Africa (SABS) JSE Ltd
South Africa (SABS) a2x
South Africa (SABS) ABSA
Spain (SMPG)  
State Street   
Sweden SEB
Switzerland Credit Suisse AG 
Switzerland Six Group
Switzerland (SMPG)  
United Kingdom Altus
United Kingdom Calastone
United Kingdom Lseg
United Kingdom Origo
United Kingdom Actuare
United Kingdom Broadridge
United Kingdom Idea Group 
United Kingdom London Market Systems Ltd
United Kingdom BT Internet 
United Kingdom  Deutsche Bank 
United Kingdom Bank of England 
United Kingdom  BGC
United Kingdom FIX Trading Community
United Kingdom Fidelity
United Kingdom/ICE Theice
United Kingdom/LME LME
United States (X9) Bank of New York Mellon
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