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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

Maintenance of existing ISO 20022 API Resources

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How to enhance or amend an existing ISO 20022 compliant API resource

The ISO 20022 API Resource Maintenance Process includes the following steps:

An organisation (‘CR submitter’) wishing to change (enhance or amend) an existing ISO 20022 compliant API resource must submit an API Resource Change Request (API CR) . The API CR is checked for completeness by the ISO 20022 RA, logged on the website and the RA informs the submitting organisation who had originally submitted the BJ for the development of the API resource.

The API CR should explain the purpose of the change, the business transactions (business area) involved and include a proposed timeline for availability of the proposed change. The RA will forward the API CR to the ISO 20022 registration bodies responsible for the review and acceptance.

The API CR approval is implicit. If the responsible ISO 20022 registration bodies have no comments within four weeks of the submission of the API CR, it is considered ‘approved’. An approved API CR is subsequently referred to as ‘candidate API CR’.

Next, the RA forwards the candidate API CR to the submitting organisation.

If not already available, the RA provides the submitting organisation with a clear description of the required deliverables, the materials necessary to set up the required modelling environment and a 'compliance checklist' of rules to observe to develop ISO 20022 compliant API resources.

The submitting organisation wishing to maintain API resources selects from the dedicated tool the relevant ISO 20022 message components in the ISO 20022 Repository to amend and re-design the API resources.

The submitting organisation selects and maintains the ISO 20022 compliant API resources and updates part 1 of the Resource Definition Report (as necessary) within the proposed timeframe indicated in the API CR. If a delay is expected, the submitting organisation promptly informs the RA with a new submission date.

The API resources and the report are submitted to the RA that checks the compatibility according to the ISO 20022 modelling guidelines before submission to the ISO 20022 registration bodies responsible for the evaluation.  Upon detection of non-compliance, the RA returns to the submitting organisation with a quality report and works with the submitting organisation that is responsible for applying correcting measures until a compliant submission is achieved.

Important: the maintenance of APIs themselves is out of scope of this process.

When the submission is compliant, API resource components are registered by the RA before evaluation and appear as ‘provisionally registered’ in the Repository on  The API resource evaluation process follows the same steps as in the corresponding process described earlier in the section on the original development of API resources (cf. step 3 of the API Resource development process).

Following the positive evaluation and approval, the RA publishes the updated ISO 20022 compliant API resources on as JSON Schemas together with the updated Resource Definition Reports (RDR).

At any time during the registration or maintenance process and until the resources are approved by the responsible ISO 20022 registration bodies, the submitting organisation may decide to withdraw or suspend its submission, by informing the RA and providing the reason for such decision.

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Maintenance of an ISO20022 API Resource Definition Request

Any request for the maintenance of an existing ISO 20022 API Resource Definition must be submitted to the ISO 20022 RA.

Please download and fill in the Business Justification as you will have to attach it to your request.

Business Model

ISO 20022 API Resource Definition Registration/Maintenance Process

Should you want to know more about the ISO 20022 registration process for API Resources, you can download the document hereafter which provides detailed information about the process.


ISO 20022 API Resource Registration Process - Flow charts

Overview of the new Business Justification approval sub-process, API Resource development sub-process and Resource maintenance sub-process.

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