Supplementary Data


Some ISO 20022 message definitions include a 'SupplementaryData' component that can be used by communities of users to add information to a message that is not catered for by other components of the message definition.


Development of a SupplementaryData message extension

The information in the SupplementaryData component must be ISO 20022 compliant: it requires development of a compliant message extension model and its components must be registered in the ISO 20022 Data Dictionary.

The creation of a SupplementaryData message extension is subject to the approval of the SEG in charge of the message. Two use cases can be considered by the SEG:

- the need to transport the additional information is too urgent to undertake the formal ISO 20022 maintenance process. The additional information will be included in the SupplementaryData component until specific components are created within the body of the messages at the occasion of the next maintenance;

- the supplementary data is too specific or too volatile to deserve specific components within the body of the message itself. Use of a SupplementaryData message extension will avoid impacting the entire user base.


The SupplementaryData component is made of two elements:

  • a location element, allowing the supplementary data to be targeted at a specific point in the message,
  • a structured data element, which allows the identification of a separate ISO 20022 compliant schema and the inclusion of data that conforms to that schema.


Request for the creation of a SupplementaryData message extension must be introduced to the ISO 20022 Registration Authority using the usual Change Request template. The change request must completely detail the various items of additional information (description, data type, cardinality, related ISO 20022 Business Component), the targeted community of users and the reason why use of the SupplementaryData is deemed to be necessary for each of these items. It must also indicate which organisation will develop the ISO 20022 compliant message extension model including the business data required in the SupplementaryData component.

If use of the SupplementaryData is approved by the SEG, a candidate ISO 20022 message extension model of the contents of the SupplementaryData component must be submitted to the ISO 20022 Registration Authority for compliance checking, registration and publication. The Full Catalogue of ISO 20022 messages indicates whether a Supplementary Data message extension has been approved for use with each ISO 20022 message definition.

A message extension is specifically approved for use with a particular version of a message definition. If a new version of the message definition is approved, the related message extension(s) must be reviewed by the submitting organisation(s) and re-submitted to the Registration Authority for qualification with the new version of the message definition.


Use of a SupplementaryData message extension

The use, processing or transmission of a SupplementaryData message extension are to be preliminary agreed by all parties involved.

The Message Definition Report (MDR) and Schema of each registered SupplementaryData message extension is published in the folder below.

Download the registered ISO 20022 SupplementaryData message extensions - dated 14 February 2019