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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

Maintenance of ISO 20022 message definitions


Abstract Business Process

The latest version of ISO 20022 message definitions are updated on a yearly basis. New versions of message definitions, if any, are generally published in February, or by April/May at the latest. The SEG, which represents the message users, is responsible for approving both the change request and the timing of publication of the new message version.

In certain circumstances such as urgency or where required by the relevant business community, it is possible to request the maintenance of ISO 20022 message definitions outside of the yearly cycle, using either:

  • the standard maintenance process, initiated anytime, in an urgent unscheduled manner;
  • the fast track maintenance process, which skips the first two steps of the maintenance process described below. The fast track maintenance process can only be initiated by an organization that has the capability to develop itself the new version of the ISO 20022 message definitions.

It is important to note that the publication of a new version in the Catalogue of messages does not mandate users to implement it.


Standard Maintenance Process @ a glance

Find out more about the steps of the standard process


Fast Track Maintenance Process @ a glance

Find out more about the steps of the fast track process

Business Model

Detailed registration procedures

Should you want to have more information, you can download the complete version of the ISO 20022 registration procedures


Maintenance Process Overview

Flow chart of the maintenance process

Where to find the status of a project ?

You can consult the progress of the maintenance process in the Status of submissions.

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