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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

Catalogue of messages

What is catalogue of messages

The catalogue of messages gives access to all the versions of approved ISO 20022 message definitions.


Catalogue of messages

Which documents can I download from the catalogue of messages?

The following documentation is provided:

  • a Message Definition Report (MDR) and, when necessary, a Message Usage Guide (MUG) fully describing each message set
  • the schema of each message definition
  • examples of message instances, when provided by the submitting organization

the Business Application Header (BAH) documentation.


All communities of ISO 20022 users are invited to consider using always the most recent version of the message definitions to ensure worldwide coherence of the versions in use.

Although previous versions remain available in the ISO 20022 Message Archive.


Catalogue of ISO 20022 messages

The Catalogue of messages provides access to all current versions of ISO 20022 global message definitions.



Additional content for the ISO 20022 Message Definitions

Content to derived from the ISO 20022 Message Definitions: External code sets, Data Source Scheme, SupplementaryData extension and variants

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