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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

Data Field Dictionary

Data Field Dictionary

The ISO 15022 Data Field Dictionary includes all the data fields used in ISO 15022 messages and to be used for development of new messages.

There are two types of ISO 15022 data fields:

  • the generic data fields: data field used to express the data of a family or business class of data items of the same nature, for example, dates, amounts. Note: A generic data field tag uses a qualifier to specify the precise meaning of each business element of the business class.
  • the discrete (or non-generic) data fields: data field which expresses a specific single business data item. Note: A discrete data field tag does not need a qualifier to further define the meaning of the data.

The Excel document available below allows you to investigate the Data Field Dictionary specific information about:

  • Generic Data Fields
  • Discrete Data Fields
  • Business Class Descriptions

Download the Data Field Dictionary spreadsheet - 11  February 2022