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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

MTN96: (7) Copy of at least the Mandatory Fields of the Original Message


Copy of fields


Conditional (see rule C1)


This field contains a copy of at least the mandatory fields of the original message to which the answer relates, for example, the message to which the MT n95 Queries or MT n92 Request for Cancellation referred, to enable the Receiver to positively identify that message.


SWIFT does not validate the relationship between the copied field(s) and the original message. Even if not defined for the referenced message, any valid field except 77F or 77T is accepted as the "Copy of fields".

SWIFT only validates the syntax of a BIC used in the text of the appended message. A Test and Training destination may not be referenced by a LIVE user.


If an MT n96 contains copied field(s) of the original message, these fields should be quoted in the correct order.

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