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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

MTN91: (7) Field 72: Sender to Receiver Information


6*35x (Narrative)

In addition to narrative text, structured text with the following line formats may be used:

Line 1

/8c/[additional information] (Code)(Narrative)

Lines 2-6

[//continuation of additional information]
[/8c/[additional information]]




This field specifies additional information for the Receiver.


Codes must be between slashes and must appear at the beginning of a line.

Narrative text must not begin with a slash and, if used, must begin on a new line and be the last information in the field.

The structured format may be used for bilaterally agreed codes.

This field may include ERI to transport dual currencies, as specified in the chapter entitled "Euro-Impact on Common Group Messages".

In order to comply with the EC-directive on cross border credit transfers, the optional code EXCH may be used to transport an exchange rate. In line with ERI, the code EXCH is placed between slashes, followed by the exchange rate, format 12d, and terminated with another slash.

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