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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

MT515: (37) Field 35B: Identification of the Financial Instrument


Option B [ISIN1!e12!c]
(Identification of Security)
(Description of Security)


Mandatory in mandatory sequence C


This field identifies the financial instrument.


At least Identification of a Security (Subfield 1) or Description of Security (Subfield 2) must be present; both may be present.

ISIN is used at the beginning of Identification of Security (Subfield 1) and must be composed of uppercase letters only.


When used in Description of Security (Subfield 2), codes must start and end with a slash '/'.

When an ISIN identifier is not used it is strongly recommended that one of the following codes be used as the first characters of the Description of Security (Subfield 2):


The ISO two-digit country code, followed by the national scheme number.


Followed by the ticker symbol.


Bilaterally agreed or proprietary scheme which may be further identified by a code or short description identifying the scheme used.


Code identifying the type of security identifier used. This code must be one published by ISO 20022 (ExternalFinancialInstrumentIdentificationTypeCode).

It is strongly recommended that the ISIN be used.

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