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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

MTN99 Scope

This message type is:

  • used by financial institutions to send or receive information for which another message type is not applicable.

  • used between a corporate and its financial institution for which another message type is not applicable.

The category digit should be chosen so the message will be routed to the unit of the Receiver which is most capable of acting on the information.

This format does not apply to category 4 and 7. For more details, see the relevant category Message Reference Guide for MT 499 and MT 799.

For use of messages in the corporate-to-bank environment, see the MT message implementation guide and message matrix for corporate customers available on

MTN99 Format Specifications

Status Tag Field Name Content/Options No.



Transaction Reference Number





Related Reference








MTN99 Network Validated Rules

There are no network validated rules for this message type.

MTN99 Usage Rules

  • When the MT 199, MT 299, or MT 999 has a related message that contained a Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR), this UETR may be copied in field 121 in the user header block of the message.

  • The SWIFT gpi Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT) service uses MT 199 for gCCT confirmations to either confirm credit to the account of the beneficiary customer or confirm the (intermediate) transaction status. All FIN users, part of user category SUPE (Supervised Financial Institutions) or PSPA (Payments System Participants) are allowed to use MT 199 to confirm to the gpi Tracker transactions received via MT 103. All details on the usage can be found on the Knowledge Centre > Products A-Z > FIN > Universal Confirmations for MT 103 Rulebook.