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ISO 15022
Data Field Dictionary

MTN92 Scope

This message is:

  • sent by a financial institution to request a second financial institution to consider cancellation of the SWIFT message identified in the request.

  • sent by a corporate customer to request a financial institution to consider cancellation of the SWIFT message identified in the request.

If the Receiver of the request for cancellation has already acted on the message for which cancellation is requested, the MT n92 asks for a retransfer, that is, reversal, with the beneficiary's consent.

For use of messages in the corporate-to-bank environment, see the MT message implementation guide and the message matrix for corporate customers available on

MTN92 Format Specifications

Status Tag Field Name Content/Options No.



Transaction Reference Number





Related Reference





MT and Date of the Original Message





Narrative Description of the Original Message





Copy of at least the Mandatory Fields of the Original Message

Copy of fields


MTN92 Network Validated Rules

  • C1 Field 79 or a copy of at least the mandatory fields of the original message or both must be present.

MTN92 Usage Rules

  • An MT n92 may be sent only to the Receiver of an initial message.

  • An MT n92 must refer to the cancellation of a SWIFT message only.

  • An MT 292 may not request cancellation of an MT 200/201. To cancel an MT 200/201, the Sender must send a new message to the account with institution of the initial message, requesting a retransfer of the funds.

  • An MT n92 may be sent to cancel one single transaction of a multiple message.

  • The MT n92 always requires a response. The response must be by an MT n96 Answers message.

  • Where country specific policies exist relative to the processing of a request for cancellation, details can be found in the General Country Information file, which is available for download on

  • The use of the MT n92 in association with the MT 105 EDIFACT Envelope must be in accordance with the specific guidelines detailed in the appropriate volume of the EDIFACT Message Implementation Guides (MIGs).

  • To request the cancellation of a category 3 message, there are specific fields and codes in the category 3 messages that must be used. Where such fields and codes exist in a message, the MT 392 must not be used to cancel a previously sent transaction or confirmation.

  • To request the cancellation of any ISO 15022 compliant message, an MT 592 must not be used. Field 23G of the ISO 15022 message, with subfield Function containing code CANC (Cancellation), must be used instead (see also the Standards Category 5 volumes).

  • To request the cancellation of a documentary credit, an authorisation to reimburse or a guarantee, an MT 792 must not be used, but an MT 707, 747 or 767, respectively.

  • When the original message contained a Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR), this UETR may be copied in field 121 in the user header block of the MT 192, MT 292, or MT 992 request for cancellation message.