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ISO 20022 - Business Process Catalogue 

This diagram shows a high level view of the structure of the Business Process Catalogue.

It contains Business Areas that can be described in more details using Business Processes supported by Business Transactions, which include Message Flow Diagrams. 
A Message Flow Diagram contains one or more Messages. Each Message is described in a Message Definition, which is also converted into an ISO 20022 Syntax Message Scheme (For example, an XML schema).


business process catalogue diagram

The items in the Catalogue can be classified in three categories: Business Areas, Message Definitions and ISO 20022 Syntax Message Scheme.

  • Business Area: Set of strongly related business activities, that provide a self-standing business value to a set of Business Participants.

    Examples: Securities, Payments

  • Message Definition: Formal description of the structure of a Message.A Message is structured in Message Building Blocks, each representing information that logically belongs together. The structure and content of each Message Building Block is defined by a Message Component.

    Example: RedemptionBulkOrder, sese.001.001.01

  • ISO 20022 Syntax Message Scheme: syntax processable notation used to define the structure of a Message in a particular syntax. In case of XML, the scheme is an XML Schema and can then be used as a validation tool for Messages.

The Business Process Catalogue will contain:

  • the description of the financial business model;
  • the description of financial business transactions, including message definitions;
  • the ISO 20022 compliant message schemas.