Advance information on new candidate versions of ISO 20022 Securities message definitions


This page gives access to the description of new draft versions of ISO 20022 Securities message definitions that have been submittted to the approval of the Securities SEG or Derivatives SubSEG.


WARNING: the message versions described herebelow are draft new versions that are submitted to the approval of the Securities SEG or Derivatives SubSEG. These candidate new versions may still be amended as a result of the SEG or SubSEG review process. After their approval by the Securities SEG or Derivatives SubSEG, the final new versions are registered and published in the Catalogue of messages


The SEG evaluation documentation that is available on this page consists of the following documents for each message set:

  • a draft version of the Message Definition Report (MDR) Part1, describing the message set.
  • a draft version of the MDR Part2, describing each of the message definitions of the message set. In this document, the ID of the candidate message definitions is prefixed by "DRAFT".
  • a draft version of the MDR Part3, describing from which Business Model concepts the message set is derived. 
  • the draft schema of each new candidate message definition, prefixed by "DRAFT". 
  • examples of draft message instances, when provided by the submitting organization.

The e-Repository may also include new draft message versions (prefixed with "DRAFT" and with a registration status "Provisionally Registered").


Draft documentation of candidate new versions of securities message sets:

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Thursday, December 19, 2019