Publication of 15 new External Code Lists

Feb 12, 2013

4Q2012 release of the External Code Lists

The 4Q2012 release of the External Code Lists has been published on 7th February including 15 new code lists on top of the existing ones.

1 new external code list for Cards for use in Berlin Group SupplementaryData extension

  • 34-RePresentmentReason

14 new external code lists for Trade for use in Demand Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit messages

  • 35-Channel
  • 36-DateFrequency
  • 37-DocumentFormat
  • 38-ModelFormIdentification
  • 39-NarrativeType
  • 40-RelativeTo
  • 41-TypeOfParty
  • 42-UnderlyingTradeTransactionType
  • 43-UndertakingAmountType
  • 44-UndertakingChargeType
  • 45-UndertakingDocumentType1
  • 46-UndertakingDocumentType2
  • 47-UndertakingStatusCategory
  • 48-UndertakingType


Download the latest version of the External Code Lists (4Q2012)

Additional information about the External Code Lists