Payments messages catalogue - 3 new messages definitions

Jan 08, 2013

Authorities Financial Investigations - 3 message definitions registered & published


The Payments messages catalogue is growing !

A set of 3 ISO 20022 message definitions developed by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services are now made available in the full catalogue & Payments messages catalogue.

The scope of this project addresses the messaging between Authorities who have a legal right to request account and other banking and financial instrument information to carry out their duties and the Financial Institutions to which they make these requests. Requested information can relate to accounts, their signatories and beneficiaries and co-owners as well as movements plus positions on these accounts. Additionally, this information can pertain to loans and guarantees.

Requests are underpinned by specific legal texts, each one determining a specific scope of response by the financial institutions.


For more information, please read the Message Definition Report or download the full documentation from the full catalogueor Payments messages catalogue.