Payments and Securities messages | Maintenance 2016/2017 and New Payments Messages

Feb 08, 2017

The Payments and Securities Standards Evaluation Groups (SEGs) have finalised the evaluation of the new message versions end of January 2017 resulting in the registration and publication of:

- 23 new versions of Payments messages, as well as 3 new Payments message definitions, impacting the following message sets:

  • Creditor Payment Activation Request;
  • Exceptions and Investigations;
  • Payments Clearing and Settlement, including 1 new message definition for FIToFIPaymentStatusRequest (pacs.028) developed by SWIFT and the European Payments Council (EPC);
  • Payments Initiation;
  • Payments Mandates, including 2 new messages definitions for MandateCopyRequest (pain.017) and MandateSuspensionRequest (pain.018) developed by SWIFT and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS);
  • Stand-alone Remittance Advice.

The new versions and message definitions are available in the Payments messages catalogue

- 63 new versions of Securities messages impacting the following message sets:

  • Corporate Actions;
  • Settlement and Reconciliation;
  • Collateral Management;
  • Investment Funds.

The new versions of messages are available in the Securities messages catalogue

The previous versions of the messages impacted by the maintenance are kept available in the Message archive.

The 4Q2016 version of the external code sets, including the new messsage versions and new message definitions, updated with the approved Change Requests (CRs) and new code sets is also published. The new version of the external code sets is available here.

Approved CRs:

  • CR0648 - NPP AU - 1 updated code  - 16-StatusReason
  • CR0649 - HKICL - 1 new code 9-OrganisationIdentification
  • CR0651 - HKICL - 1 new code - 27-CashAccountType
  • CR0652 - HKICL - 3 new codes - 7-LocalInstrument
  • CR0574 - new code set 64-PaymentTransactionStatus
  • CR0574 - new code set 65-PaymentGroupStatus
  • CR0635 & CR0647 - new code set 66-CancellationReason
  • New code set 67-MandateStatus
  • New code set 68-MandateSuspensionReason
  • CR0576 - new code set 69-AuthenticationChannel