Now available: New version of the ISO 20022 Financial Repository & Business Model

Jun 30, 2012

New version of the ISO 20022 Financial Repository & Business Model

A new copy of the ISO 20022 Financial Repository dated 17 July 2012, including the Business Process Catalogue and Data Dictionary, is now available through the 'Search' functions.

A new version of the Business Model is also available including the Business Model Definitions; a list of all Business Concepts with their definition and properties.

Background information

The ISO 20022 Repository consists of 2 major parts: the Data Dictionary and the Business Process Catalogue.

The Data Dictionary contains Business ConceptsMessage Concepts and Data Types. All these items are reusable and are called Dictionary Items. The Data Dictionary as a whole is under release control.

The Business Process Catalogue is organised in Business Areas. The communication requirements and the interaction requirements in the various Business Areas are supported by Business Transactions. All items that are stored in the Business Process Catalogue are called Catalogue Items.

The Catalogue of ISO 20022 messages is also part of the Business Process Catalogue. It gives access to the full documentation of the ISO 20022 messages.


This diagram shows the high level structure of the ISO 20022 Repository