New corrected version of latest Investment Funds and Securities Settlement & Reconciliation Message Definition Reports (MDR)

Aug 10, 2012

Some anomalies discovered in the latest (2012) version of the Investment Funds Transfers and the Securities S&R message definitions

The following anomalies were discovered in the new versions of some securities message definitions developed by SWIFT:

  1. Some of the 'rules' used in the new set of 16 Investment Funds Transfers message definitions that was published on 25 May 2012 were not updated correctly. There is no impact on the XML Schemas published on 25 May 2012, but on the description of the rules in the Message Definition Report (MDR) and in the ISO 20022 Dictionary. See details in theErrata.

2.  Some of the new securities message versions published in April and May 2012 were in fact 100% identical to the existing (previous) versions. This is the case for the following message definitions:

  •  S&R:

- SecuritiesMessageCancellationAdviceV03 <semt.020.001.03>

- SecuritiesTransactionCancellationRequestV03 <sese.020.001.03>

- SecuritiesTransactionStatusQueryV03 <sese.021.001.03>

- SecuritiesSettlementAllegementRemovalAdviceV03 <sese.029.001.03>

  •  Investment Funds Transfers:

- RequestForTransferStatusReportV03 <sese.009.001.03>

As a result, updated MDRs for the Investment Funds message definitions and for the Securities Settlement & Reconciliation message definitions have been re-published in the Full Catalogue and in the Securities Catalogue.

The Errata is published together with the new, corrected Investment Funds MDR.

In the two new MDRs, each message definition identified in 2 above show the following warning:

"This version is identical to the previous version. It was created automatically during the 2011/2012 maintenance cycle, at the same time as new versions of other messages that were truly impacted by change requests. This should not have been the case. In future releases, SWIFT will ensure that a new version of a message is not created if identical to the previous version."

The ISO 20022 Dictionary has also been updated to show the corrected Investment Funds rules. The Dictionary is available through the Search functions and the e-Dictionary downloads