Maintenance Cycle 2012/2013

May 31, 2013

New versions of Message Definitions are published

On 31 May 2013, 101 new versions of ISO 20022 Message Definitions have been published as a result of the 2012/2013 maintenance cycle. They include:

Securities business domain:

  • 12 new versions of Corporate Actions Message Definitions,
  • 16 new versions of Settlement and Reconciliation Message Definitions,
  • 1 new version of Post-Trade Matching Message Definition
  • 18 new versions of Investment Funds Message Definitions,

Cards business domain

  • 15 new versions of Card Payments Exchange - Acceptor to acquirer Message Definitions,
  • 3 new versions of Card Payments Exchange - Terminal management Message Definitions,

Payments business domain:

  • 15 new versions of Bank Account Management Message Definitions (full message set),
  • 3 new versions of Bank-to-Customer Cash Management Message Definitions,
  • 2 new versions of Exceptions and Investigations Message Definitions,
  • 6 new versions of Payments Clearing and Settlement Message Definitions
  • 4 new versions of Payments Initiation Message Definitions,
  • 4 new versions of Payments Mandates Message Definitions.


You can access the latest version of these Message Definitions and the related documentation (schemas, instances, Message Definition Report...) in the catalogues per business domain: Payments CatalogueSecurities CatalogueCards and Retail Payments Catalogue or in the full catalogue.