ISO 20022 Newsletter, Fall 2014 Edition

Sep 18, 2014

Call for articles

Articles and news submissions are needed for the fall edition of the ISO 20022 Newsletter. 

Members of the ISO 20022 Registration Management Group (RMG), Standards Evaluation Groups (SEG), Technical Support Group (TSG) as well as any expert in or involved with ISO 20022 related efforts are invited to contributing.


The ISO 20022 Newsletter is an important form of communication to the ISO 20022 community on a variety of topics including RMG and RMG Subgroup operations and status, educational coverage of ISO 20022 from a technical and business perspective, plans and experiences of implementers of the standards, and various other ISO 20022 related topics.


Please consider contributing to this effort

If you intend to develop a submission please advise the ISO 20022 Communications Subgroup by end of September 2014.   Articles are due by 20 October.

The Communication Subgroup may be reached via the Registration Authority (RA) at


Both news items (50 to 100 words) as well as articles (500 to 1,500 words) are welcome.  Subjects can be various but must relate to ISO 20022 and any or all geographies, communities and financial domains (Cards, FX, Payments, Securities, Trade Services).

A few suggestions:

  • Educational coverage of ISO 20022 - Technical, business, relationship of legacy to next gen standards, etc.
  • Community implementations of ISO 20022. Technical or business perspectives, process and objectives, plans, implementation approach, results, value.


Implementer case studies

  • Whitepapers
  • Various other subjects related to ISO 20022, such as tools and implementation support offered by software providers and consultancy firms.


Articles should be submitted using the specific style guide.  It is recommended that submitted articles include:

  • Section subtitles, illustrations and tables, call out boxes to emphasize key messages, or similar.
  • Photo of the author(s) or the work group involved in the subject are also requested.
  • Photos/illustration should be sent in a .jpg format with a 100 to 300 dpi content.

For full articles, please send a brief description of the propose article to the editor for comment and planning purposes.


All submissions should be made via email to

Note that articles not included in the next Newsletter may be published in a following edition.