ISO 20022 Bank Services Billing message is available!

Jun 16, 2012

ISO 20022 Payments message catalogue is growing ...

The BankServicesBillingStatement (camt.086.001.01) has been developed jointly by TWIST and SWIFT and approved by the Payments Standards Evaluation Group on 7th May 2012.

The message is classified in the Cash Management business area (camt).

Background information

This Bank Services Billing (BSB) is the result of the reverse engineering of an existing TWIST message standard into ISO 20022.

The Bank Services Billing provides a standard means for banks to periodically advise their wholesale clients of their use of bank services, and related fees and balances.

Electronic in form and generally delivered monthly, the Bank Services Billing provides a standard representation of bank rendered services: transaction types, volumes and related services and the fees associated with that activity. The Bank Services Billing is intended to be equally relevant for use regardless of where bank accounts reside.
By design, the Bank Service Billing is intended to cover the EU, Singapore, USA, and other countries.

This Bank Service Billing set includes one single message definition The “BankServicesBillingStatement” message is used to send, from a Financial Institution to its wholesale customers (corporations, governments, institutions, etc.), information describing the Financial Institutions billing of services rendered in the form of an electronic statement in a standardised format.

Access available documents here. Feel free to contact the submitting organisations for additional informations or questions.