ISO 20022 Adoption mApp and report

Apr 22, 2016

A new version of the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp and report is now available


ISO 20022 initiatives that have been updated are:

  • Tokyo Market Information Corporate Action Data Service
  • CCP Collateral Management STP
  • Authorities Financial Investigation in Finland
  • Baltic CSDs on ISO 20022
  • Benefit Trust Company Funds Messaging
  • Invoice Tax Report
  • JASDEC (Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.)
  • LuxCSD joining T2S on ISO 20022
  • Migration Payment Traffic Switzerland
  • New BOJ-NET
  • T2S (TARGET2-Securities)
  • TARGET2 on ISO 20022


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About the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp and Adoption Initiatives report

The ISO 20022 Adoption mApp and Adoption Initiatives report contain information about projects led by communities of users adopting ISO 20022 as their messaging standard for financial business transactions. The Adoption mApp and report contain a significant number of initiatives that have provided their input, but do not claim to be exhaustive. Being a collaborative report, the ISO 20022 RA welcomes any input and feedback about new and existing initiatives.


Want to add your initiative to the ISO 20022 Adoption Initiatives Report and Adoption mApp?

Any party interested in having their ISO 20022 adoption initiative featured within the ISO 20022 Adoption Initiatives Report, including the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp, is invited to fill in the input template as described in the "How to" guide and email it to the