2011/2012 maintenance cycle: what to expect?

Mar 13, 2012

105 new versions of ISO 20022 messages to be published this year

The 2011/2012 maintenance cycle resulted in 105 new versions of the existing 300 ISO 20022 messages.

Which are the revised messages?

62 Securities messages

  • The Corporate Actions message set (13 messages)
  • 16 of the 67 Investment Funds messages (16 messages)
  • The Settlement & Reconciliation message set (29 messages) + 4 new messages approved by the Securities SEG last October, including a Transaction Audit Trail Report designed for T2S (Target2Securities).

43 Payments messages

  • All the message sets have been revised, except Bank Account Management, which is expected to be maintained in the 2012/2013 maintenance cycle.

These new message versions will be published in the course of May/June.