How to search the ISO 20022 Repository items

This website offers a query tool which allows you to access the Financial Repository contents.



  • When searching, ignore space characters between the words used to define items (example: use "tradedatetime" instead of "trade date time").
  • If you are not sure of the name of the item that you are searching, add the wildcard “*” in the middle or at the end of the string of characters that you are looking for.
  • “Show Legend” describes the different icons used in the display of the search result.
  • The number of items found in each category is displayed on the left of the screen, you just need to select the type of item that you are looking for. 


Example: Repository Search

The user selects the first part of the third item, that is the Business Component “SecuritiesSettlement”.


Example: Navigation to a Business Component

If you want to start another search, you can click on the arrow next to the tab “Description”.

The description contains the definition, the ISO registration Status and in this case, the parent of this component.
To view the content of the Business Component, the user clicks on the tab “Content”.


Example: Content of a Business Component

The information can be sorted by using the arrows next to the title of the table which contains the business elements.

The first item is inherited from the parent Business Component “Settlement”. The items which are underlined can be selected.
The user selects the tab “Business Usage”.


Example: Usage of a Business Component

The list displays the name of the Business Element on the first line (in blue). The element can be selected by clicking on it.
The second line of the list shows the Business Component which contains the Business Element.
The user selects “SecuritiesProceedsMovement”.


Example: Description of a Business Element

In the Business Component “CorporateActionDistribution”, the Business Element “SecuritiesProceedsMovement” is typed by the Business Component “SecuritiesSettlement”. This information is represented in the Business Model as:







Example: Derived Message Concepts

To view, the Message Components and the Message Elements which trace to the Business Component “SecuritiesSettlement”, the user selects the tab “Derived Message Concepts”.

In the list of message components which trace to the Business Component “SecuritiesSettlement”, the user can click indifferently on the name of the Message Component or on the tab “Description”.


Example: Message Component

The description contains the definition, the trace and the rules which apply to the Message Component.
To view the messages which use that Message Component, the tab “Message Impact” must be selected.


Example: Message Impact

This screen shows the messages in which the Message Component is used.


Example: Business Elements

Back to the content of the Business Component “SecuritiesSettlement”, the user can select one of its elements (“SettlementAmount”)







Example: Business Element usage

The Business Element “SettlementAmount” is the target for the trace of a series of Message Elements. These elements are displayed under the tab “Derived Message Concepts”.

The Message Element “SettlementAmount” in the Message Component “TransactionDetails28” is selected.


Example: Message Element Description