Beside the Repository Search function that can be used to query the contents of the ISO 20022 Repository, electronic copies of the Repository are also made available and updated on a monthly basis, whenever there have been changes.  It includes all current and previous versions of ISO 20022 message definitions and the Data Dictionary.

The e-Repository is provided in EMF format together with the ISO 20022 ecore implementation metamodel. 

Download Download the e-Repository (11 December 2019) and the ISO 20022:2013 ecore implementation metamodel.

The ISO 20022:2013 ecore implementation metamodel was developped using EMF version 2.7 which can be found in Eclipse Indigo SR2, the e-Repository was generated with the same environment.

To be able to browse the content of this repository, you have first to download the ecore implementation metamodel. Then, you have to generate an Eclipse plugin from the implementation metamodel. With this plugin, you can open the repository and browse its content. There is a known performance issue when opening the repository, download the tip to learn how to work around it.

Please note that the e-Repository may include draft candidate new versions of message definitions, resulting from the message maintenance, that have been submitted to the approval of the related Standards Evaluation Groups (SEGs).

WARNING: these draft new versions have a message ID prefixed with "DRAFT" and a registration status "Provisionally Registered". These candidate versions may still be amended as a result of the SEG review process. After their approval by the SEGs, the final new versions will be registered and published as such in a new e-Repository.

For Submitting Organisations using the 'Editor' modelling tool provided by SWIFT to develop candidate ISO 20022 messages, a specific version of the e-Repository can be obtained from the ISO 20022 Registration Authority.



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