ISO 20022 - Development and maintenance 

Any community of users or organization (called the ‘submitting organization' in the ISO 20022 jargon) that want to develop and use ISO 20022 compliant message definitions to support its financial transactions can submit ISO 20022 registration requests.

The purpose may be the creation of a new set of message definitions to support a specific transaction or the maintenance of an existing message or message set to accommodate the evolution of the business. The request is expected to reflect global need or usage or to enhance the global relevance of the standard, without excluding large communities of users at a regional or domestic level.

The registration process for the development of a new set of message definitions is slightly different from the registration process for the maintenance of existing message definitions.

Besides the development of new message definitions, registration requests may also cover the development of ‘variants' of existing message definitions (that is, a restricted version of an existing message definition) or the development of ‘Supplementary Data extensions' of existing message definitions.

The ISO 20022 registration process involves three kinds of registration bodies: the Registration Management Group (RMG), the Registration Authority (RA) and the Standards Evaluation Groups (SEGs) that work together to validate and process the registration requests.

Complaints about the service level or decisions of the RA or SEGs can be submitted using the Appeal/Issue template.