Cards and related Retail Financial Services Dashboard

The purpose of the ISO 20022 dashboards is to show which business processes are already supported either by existing ISO 20022 message definitions or by candidate message definitions covered by an approved Business Justification. Click on the numbered hyperlinks to get more information about the ISO 20022 coverage.

The Cards and related Retail Financial Services Dashboard covers messages supporting card payment transactions between acceptor and acquirer, acquirer and issuer, token requestor and token services provider, cash withdrawals between ATM and ATM host, sale system and POI, terminal management, clearing, fee collection, etc.

Card Transactions

Business Process ISO 20022 Business AreaCard Transactions

Existing messages

Business Justifications

Acceptor to Acquirer Card Transactions caaa 20(1)
Acquirer to Issuer Card Transactions cain 44
Sale to POI Card Transactions casp 20(1)
ATM Card Transactions catp 19
Card Administration caad
Terminal Management
ATM Management
caam 19
POI Management
catm 20(1)
Payment Token Management tokm    95 
Card Clearing and Settlement cacs, pacs 8 44
Fee collection cafc 74, 44
Last updated on:
03 February 2016
(1) The RMG approved that the message definitions be expressed in ASN.1 in addition to the ISO 20022 XML Schemas.