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ISO 20022
Universal financial industry message scheme

ISO 20022 Adoption


Information about projects led by communities of users adopting ISO 20022 as their messaging standard for financial business transactions.

This report contains a significant number of initiatives that have provided their input, but does not claim to be exhaustive. Being a collaborative report, the ISO 20022 Registration Authority welcomes any input and feedback about new and existing initiatives.

The ISO 20022 Registration Authority contacts the contributors on an annual basis to verify if the published information is still valid.

This report only exists thanks to the contribution of many dedicated standards enthusiasts sharing information about their ISO 20022 initiative with the ISO 20022 Registration Authority.

How to access the report ?

There are three ways of accessing the report:

  • if you have an iOS tablet, you can download the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp free of charge from the App Store. To view the different ISO 20022 initiatives, users can either zoom in to a specific country or filter on a specific group of initiatives.
  • the exact same information is available from the ISO 20022 Introduction maps and the Full details report (last update: 31 July 2018) available on this page.
  • Excel documents including the same information can also be requested to the ISO 20022 Registration Authority at

ISO 20022 Adoption mApp

If you have an iOS tablet, you can download the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp free of charge from the App Store


ISO 20022 Adoption Report

Format: PDF
Version: 31 July 2018


ISO 20022 Implementation maps

PowerPoint presentation

Version: 31 July 2018

Color wooden blocks

Are you willing to contribute?

Any party interested in having their ISO 20022 adoption initiative featured within the ISO 20022 Adoption Initiatives Report, including the ISO 20022 Adoption mApp, is invited to fill in the input template and email it to ISO 20022 Registration Authority

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