Corporate Actions Variant 002 - ISO 15022 Variants

This section gives access to the description of the ISO 15022 Variants of the current version of the Corporate Actions message definitions. These variants have been developed by SWIFT to help ISO 20022 users who need to be interoperable with the ISO 15022 Corporate Actions messsage types, by restricting the ISO 20022 message components whenever necessary to ensure compatibility with the equivalent fields in ISO 15022. These variants are maintained by SWIFT. Requests for changes to these variants should be adressed directly to SWIFT. Previous versions of variants remain available in the ISO 20022 Message Archive.

The e-Repository includes all current and previous versions of ISO 20022 message definitions, their variants and extensions in a processable EMF format.

Corporate Actions Variant 002

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

seev - Securities Events

The message definitions below are intended for use with the Business Application Header.

Message Name Msg ID (Schema) Submitting Organisation Instances Msg Def Report
CorporateActionNotification002V09 seev.031.002.09 SWIFT N/A MDR
CorporateActionEventProcessingStatusAdvice002V06 seev.032.002.06 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionInstruction002V09 seev.033.002.09 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionInstructionStatusAdvice002V10 seev.034.002.10 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionMovementPreliminaryAdvice002V10 seev.035.002.10 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionMovementConfirmation002V10 seev.036.002.10 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionMovementReversalAdvice002V10 seev.037.002.10 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionNarrative002V05 seev.038.002.05 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionCancellationAdvice002V09 seev.039.002.09 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionInstructionCancellationRequest002V08 seev.040.002.08 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionInstructionCancellationRequestStatusAdvice002V09 seev.041.002.09 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionInstructionStatementReport002V08 seev.042.002.08 SWIFT N/A
CorporateActionMovementPreliminaryAdviceCancellationAdvice002V09 seev.044.002.09 SWIFT N/A
Last updated on:
14 February 2019