ISO 20022 Trade Services messages


This section gives access to the description of the latest version of ISO 20022 Trade Services message sets and their variants. Previous versions remain available in the ISO 20022 Message Archive.


The following documentation is available on this page:

  • a Message Definition Report (MDR) and, when necessary, a Message Usage Guide (MUG) fully describing each message set 
  • the schema of each message definition 
  • examples of message instances, when provided by the submitting organization  

The e-Repository includes all current and previous versions of ISO 20022 message definitions, their variants and extensions in a processable EMF format.


List of ISO 20022 Trade Services message definitions per message set

Demand Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

Factoring Services

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Bulk)

Financial Invoice

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: TBD)

Invoice Financing Request

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

Trade Services Management

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

(1) Unzip the zipped file in a separate local folder. In that folder or any subfolder, double click on the .wmf or .png file of your choice, and the diagram file will be shown.