ISO 20022 Cards and Related Retail Financial Services messages


This section gives access to the description of the latest version of ISO 20022 Cards and Related Retail Financial Services message sets and their variants. Previous versions remain available in the ISO 20022 Message Archive.

The following documentation is available on this page:

  • a Message Definition Report (MDR) and, when necessary, a Message Usage Guide (MUG) fully describing each message set
  • the schema of each message definition,
  • examples of message instances, when provided by the submitting organization.

The e-Repository includes all current and previous versions of ISO 20022 message definitions, their variants and extensions in a processable EMF format.


List of ISO 20022 cards and related retail financial services message definitions per message set

Acquirer to Issuer Card Messages (ATICA)

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

Successful transition from the existing card industry ISO 8583 standard to ISO 20022 Acquirer-To-Issuer Cards Messages (ATICA) depends on a standard that can be used by a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the global card networks environment. This version 1 set of ISO 20022 ATICA message definitions are the first ATICA messages approved by the Cards SEG and published as a proof of concept. It is a result of an ongoing work effort to create interoperability within the global cards transaction space as a replacement for the industry standard that is currently extensively used by networks and other industry stakeholders for card transaction processing worldwide. The main objective of publication of the messages is to raise awareness among the card payment industry stakeholders about the availability of preliminary and, at this stage, to-be-further-completed series of common specifications to be used in an acquirer-to-issuer card payment environment.

These messages will be updated with new and/or modified data elements and additional message sets to cover all acquirer-to-issuer card messages. A dedicated Message Usage Guide (MUG) will be released with the second version of the messages, and a security review will be conducted to fully document what is required for an operational card payment environment. The aspiration is that the publication of version 2 will be developed by the end of 2016 and the publication of the MUG will follow.

ATM Interface for Transaction Processing and ATM Management

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

Card Payments Exchanges - Acceptor to Acquirer

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)

Card Payments Exchanges - Terminal Management

(Recommended Message Transport Mode: Active)